Team Development

When companies win key contracts there is a critical need to align team members and stake holders around the team's mission, values, and strategy. Just as crucial is creating open lines of communication, building trust between members and establishing working strategies that will continue throughout the life of the program.

The CWT Team Development program is designed specifically to each team as a critical experince that establishes team groundrules, creates lasting relationships, and provides a boost in moral that projects need in order to produce a future that is not inevitable.

Building trust, enhancing interpersonal competence and communication, giving and receiving support during the various stages of the project is key as team dynamics are openly acknowledged and presented to the team.


Producing Results

Effective and productive teams who demonstrate commitment and cooperation in performance have learned to operate at this level by participating in experiences which define and support a unified vision, develop trust and clarify roles and responsibilities.

Within a framework of experientially-based individual and group interactions, team members participate in "learning-by-doing" activities that connect and enrich their problem-solving and decision-making capabilities resulting in the maximum in productivity.

Leadership Development

"Leadership is that which creates the possibility for effective action."
Michael Thiel - Northrop Grumman Corp.

Leaders often have a multitude of ideas accompanied by an enthusiasm for change. Established teams often have numerous behavior patterns that reflect past leadership. There are expectations of both leaders and teams that reflect changing roles and responsibilities.

We designed the Leadership Program to specifically address and align these issues. It has proven to be a quick, cost efficient and effective way to pass through what can be a challenging and lengthy process. It accomplishes this by producing trust, understanding and rapport as a basis for team relationships. It gives team members practical tools for sustaining positive relationships and resolving issues that may surface down the road.

It provides leaders and team members opportunities to explore the dynamics of cooperation, introduce agendas, and surface concerns early on in order to clear the path for effective action. It gives team members a safe and structured environment in which to build positive connections for successful communications and to experience the different perspectives represented on the team.


The Leader Program is usually presented in a 2 1/2 day format delivered offsite. The program is delivered in-house or in retreat settings. A three step process may include: